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May 13

Read about our recent performance at The Brand Libary

Kenneth Walker Dance Project Further Beautifies the Brand

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Master class with Ilaria Guerra, dancer with Alonzo King LINES Ballet June 10 11-1pmIlaria Guerra, Master class flyer

San Pedro City Ballet
1231 S Pacific Ave, San Pedro, CA 90731

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Up Next

KWDP seeks choreography submissions for Balletfest.  Balletfest is a live ballet based festival hosted on September 9.   Ballet based works with running times between 3-15 minutes will be considered for inclusion in the festival.

July 12 deadline

Submission application

Our newest dance film featuring dancer Morgan Davison and a Nine Inch Nails cover by Caroline Kung Kawolski

Read what people are saying about us!

OMG it’s beautiful!

“A masterpiece”. “So beautiful I cried”

Enjoyed it immensely

It was an awesome show!! We had a great time! I’m so happy for you! I look forward to the next one too – congrats!!!

We loved it!! Thank you for your beautiful work for all of us to enjoy please give us more!! See you soon!

Amazing performance -if you get a chance go to the next one. I loved it, so creative and expressive in this contemporary dance I was emotional and intellectually involved up to the point of feeling part of the performance my experience at Kenneth Walker Dance Project was new and refreshing.

“Soft Ambient Pulse” is one of my favorite 😍 dances! 🎶


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Kenneth Walker Dance Project was founded in 2004 and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2005. KWDP grew out of the former Ballet Pacifica, where Kenneth Walker, a dancer with BP at the time and a few of his colleagues created a show to perform at a festival. The success of this project spawned a collaboration that was brought home to the community in which Kenneth was born. KWDP’s first dancers volunteered their talents and time to grow the organization into an exciting collaborative rather than a traditional company. Kenneth invites the thoughts and ideas of his dancers when creating new works and offers dancers the opportunity to find their own voice within the work. KWDP has a solid reputation for presenting performances which meld collaboration between interesting music, talented dancers and innovative movement to create a meaningful artistic experience. READ MORE


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Receive our periodic newsletters, dance company updates, and the latest performance schedules in your inbox.