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Experience KWDP

While there’s no better way to experience Kenneth Walker Dance Project than to attend a live performance, we invite you to browse quotes from many of the dance community’s most respected professionals and critics. We are delighted to share with you here a selection of what others are saying about Kenneth Walker’s choreography.

The often uncommon view by emerging choreographer Ken Walker manifests a visceral kinetic energy infused with intelligence and sensitivity.”      -Ron Cunningham Artistic Director Sacramento Ballet

The choreography of Kenneth Walker is original, versatile, intelligent, and well crafted. Mr. Walker is a choreographer to watch. -Diane Lauridsen Artistic Director South Bay Ballet and Lauridsen Ballet Centre

William Glackin of the Sacramento Bee called the pas de deux from How broad be they shoulders …a romantic…episode.

…choreography creates some challenging, difficult movements for the dancers that is highly emotional.”      -Robert Barnett, former director of Atlanta Ballet.

Clark Mitzie of KXJZ in Sacramento hailed his How broad be thy shoulders …a fascinating work of several different levels.  This was definitely a showpiece, not unlike those action thrillers popular in today’s movie world.

Closing the program was Silence Before Dawn, danced by the Chico Community Ballet Company. Creator Kenneth Walker has set this ballet to the cutting edge music of Philip Glass, and the two elements work well together.”      -Chico News and Review

The show ended solidly with… Kenneth Walker’s Take Me Home,”      -Chico News and Review

Kenneth Walker’s latest, Angel’s Lament, featured a lively quartet with on-pointe preening and high-flying hunks.”      -Victoria Looseleaf, L.A. Times

Ken is a thoughtful choreographer with strong ideals and the background to support his work.”      -Molly Lynch, Artistic Director Emeritus Ballet Pacifica.

Mr. John Meehan director of Hong Kong Ballet described Savage Grace as…a fun piece, full of energy with some nice choreographic invention.

Mr. Alun Jones former director of Louisville ballet called Savage Gracetremendous”.

(Gate) Kenneth Walker’s sparse study of beautifully orchestrated body geometries interrupted by quirky gestures. Cool, collected leg extensions are joined by kneading, fluttering hands and shaking hips,…In this world all actions – virtuosic and pedestrian alike – are deliberate, restrained, executed with precision and the noble carriage of an upright torso. A gorgeous female duet presses against the limits of the downstage space, finely-articulated legs swiveling and slicing through intersecting planes in complementary timings.. –danceinla.blogspot.com

If they come to a venue near you, I highly recommend it. –kojiskitchen.blogspot.com

Saw Flesh and Blood last night, loved it. Mike Napoli, Performing Arts Live

“All that Glitters” starkly illustrated KWDP’s easy marriage of modern and ballet. Bursts of modern dance erupted from balletic movements as fluttering hands transitioned into arabesques; pique turns yielded to unexpected hip and shoulder undulations; pirouettes lead to skipping, creating a surprisingly robust lyrical tableau. – Joanne Zimbler via exploredance.com

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