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What’s it all about?

I’m often asked what my works are about:

That’s the $50,000 question. What’s the dance about?

There is a deep need and desire to understand what we are witnessing.  We want you to know that your perception of what you saw is as important as what we intended the dance to be.  Your viewpoint is just as valid as the statement in any synopsis that you might read about a dance.  So often with modern art, dance, etc.  we want to be entertained and release our responsibility of understanding to someone else, “Just do it to me”.  In reality we all have a responsibility in the art making process.  We are responsible for bringing our own ideas and sentiments to the process.  You have a greater understanding of art than you realize.  You know what you like and can interpret things without someone telling you what symbols and metaphors mean.  The story you create of the abstract art is just as valuable to your understanding as the one the artist came up with.

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