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It was great!
…this is so wonderful. You are great! Absolutely amazing!!
Variety + very enjoyable
Very great show a lot of fun.

This was so cool I would love to come again. Thank you
Great show!
Kenneth you are a very talented choreographer- Loved “Flesh and Blood”
Very entertaining. I enjoyed the diversity of the pieces.
Awesome! Loved “Mozart”

From Twitter:
I loved it when Kenneth was spinning around w/ that dancer in the air and I loved Corey’s solo. Too many highlights to put n a tweet.

“Ballet had not always been a part of my life. Exposure to KWDP has forever altered my view of the art and the dancers who perform to perfect their craft. The beauty of KWDP is that it makes a classical, time-honored tradition accessible to everyone, then reels them in with the new and unexpected. In a time when the arts are placed on the backburner, it’s great to see a company that engages the dance, as well as general community through the simple act of sharing a passion. A follower of the company for some time, it’s clear this is not the little company that could, but the little company that will. ” –Lana Daoud patron

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